The Ambassadors

The trinity have lived for aeons amongst us and they will continue to do so for many years to come. They are immortal just like their timeless classic footwear. 

Major Ramthorne

He has lived a life of valour by emerging victorious in countless wars and battles. From sizzling deserts to tropical jungles he has overcome them all, by trekking across all the treacherous plains this world has to offer. Now resting in his time of peace; his trademark footwear are the Storm Arrow, a smooth yet sturdy pair of lace-up boot. 

Lord Barking 

An ardent statesman leading from the front line to protect his people in gaining their freedom and equality. There is never a dull moment in politics and forever he must stay attuned to the shifting tides of diplomacy, the economy and welfare. However, one thing which will remain forever constant are his pairs of Sovereign and Patriarch, the classical timeless oxford with a contemporary edge that comes in black and brown.

Maestro Foxheart 

His passion for music and life is beyond measure, his every breath is a harmony and  every step is a beat. He has mastered every single instrument across the seven seas, along with stealing the hearts of millions. When performing he will never go without his Obbligato, the ever versatile Chelsea boot.