Our History

Our brand strives upon maintaining a harmonious relationship with the wider community of planet Earth; our obligations serve both wildlife and mankind equally.   

We set out to make shoes that combine flair and elegance whilst providing a high standard of craftsmanship.

Vyom London will always be about Cruelty-Free, Style & Quality

Our designs are timeless and elegant with a contemporary twist. We use the best materials which are rich in texture, colour and comfortability. The result is a luxury vegan shoe without the compromise on craftsmanship. 

Our Materials & Quality 

Along with taking care of our wildlife, it’s our duty to also support measures to develop Sustainability and a Circular Economy. Thus we have a collaborated with VEGEA where are shoes are now made a synthetic leather derived from  a high content of vegetable raw materials such as vegetal oils and natural fibres from the agriculture industry.

Handmade in Italy

From the very beginning we promised ourselves that we would always go the extra mile and never take short cuts. We wanted to do things the ethical way, not the cheap or the fast way.

We have always been keen in supporting our home grown European economy; hence our shoes are designed in England and manufactured in Italy. The craftsmen and craftswomen in this artisan factory have been making shoes for generations and they have the tradition, experience and passion to deliver a world class product.


Meet our Family

Us two brothers (Ravi & Vishaal) are the founders of Vyom London.

We have been born and bred in the outskirts of West London, where we have experienced the rich cultures of different communities along with their various vibrant styles.

Together this has helped to shape our outlook in designing trend setting footwear for all ages across the globe.