Our Materials

To help protect our wildlife it’s essential that we do not use animal-based leathers. Equally as important, to save our planet earth we are continuously striving towards greener and sustainable materials. 



We have partnered up with VEGEA to produce our foremost synthetic leather from a high content of recycled raw materials such as vegetal oils and natural fibres from the agroindustry. In particular grapes! The collaboration with Italian wineries, has developed a process for the valorisation of wine waste (grape marc), that is composed by grape skins, stalks and seeds discarded during wine production. No toxic solvents, heavy metals and dangerous substances for humans and the environment are involved in the production process. Importantly, this new material is extremely supple, durable and provides ample scope for breathability, especially if you are wearing shoes all day! 


Our other synthetic leathers are made from cotton-backed polyurethane (PU) and are also sourced from Italy. Furthermore, where necessary we are committed to not using PVC leatherette which contains chlorine, a toxic chemical which produces dioxin during its manufacturing process and can be very harmful to the environment.