Best Vegan & Sustainable Briefcases in 2020

Briefcases are stylish, classic and functional. Once attached to the hand of every businessman, the hard-sided case fell out of favour with the turn of the millennium, due to the move towards more relaxed dress codes.

Now, however, it’s been given the attention of brands across the board and in particular many new vegan brands who are using modern materials like synthetic leathers and plant-based canvases to recreate designs and shapes which are more in line with the new conscious business leaders of today. 

So let's dive in and explore the different choices we have available. 

1) The Friendly Swede - Vreta Laptop Bag

Vegan Briefcase

Vreta is a sleek and minimalist cut laptop bag in timeless briefcase style, with modern twists. The slim silhouette and stylish details make this bag more of a fashion accessory than those bulky, outdated business bags. This is a true unisex bag. The Rubberised PU has a professional, exclusive look; which requires no treatment and lasts for many years. £69.99. Buy on Amazon 

2) Ministry of Tomorrow - The Laptop Briefcase 

Vegan briefcase Bag

The Ministry of Tomorrow (MOT), is an American luxury Eco-Fashion House that designs garments and accessories made from sustainable materials and produces them in facilities it sponsors that provide fair wage jobs in impoverished communities. This particular briefcase has been handmade in Kenya, with the use of Italian synthetic leather and fitted with a durable organic cotton canvas lining from India. Much slimmer than a traditional briefcase, the size and depth offer a lean profile that looks very professional without being bulky and awkward. $249. Buy Online 

3) Boita - Backpack Briefcase 

vegan bag

Thoughtfully designed for life on the move, this crossbreed briefcase does a great job of merging useful everyday features with a business-ready style. Boita have built their bag from the ground up using eco-conscious materials whilst still retaining a deluxe modern aesthetic. The outer shell is made from premium PU leather, whilst the bag lining is made mostly from recycled plastic bottles and the shoulder straps and padding use BLOOM foam the world’s first plant-based performance-driven foam formulated with algae biomass. £395 Buy Online

4) Thamon - Briefcase in Black Leaf Leather

Vegan Briefcase

Thamon is an eco-design company creating pure fashion accessories from real tree leaves and leather alternatives materials. This specific briefcase is a perfect work bag, stylish, sleek and sophisticated design, suitable for working man/woman. Featuring a top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. £110. Buy Online 

5) MATT & NAT - DAVID Briefcase 
Vegan Briefcase

The David briefcase is a suave option that can also be worn cross-body with adjustable and removable strap. The elegantly curved profile is complemented by a double zipper with a gusseted wide opening and a practical interior. If you want a classy, functional vegan briefcase, this one is a solid pick. £155. Buy Online