Shoe Sizes

You will need: a sheet of paper larger than your foot, ruler and pencil. 

Wearing socks, stand on your paper and make a mark at the end of your longest toe and at the back of your heel. Join up the marks with a straight line. Do this for both feet as usually one foot is bigger than the other. Measure the length of your longest foot and add approximately 7-8mm / 0.25″ to give yourself some tolerance for your toes. Now find the closest (larger) dimension on the chart below.

If your size falls exactly on the split between two sizes, we would suggest you purchase the larger size. If the footwear is slightly too large, most footwear retails, pharmacies and cobblers sell a removable insert that will bridge this sizing gap / fit issue for you.

This is a size guide only and as a result we cannot accept responsibility for a ‘wrong size’.